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10 Feb 2020 Psim is a project management and collaboration software. Psim 8.5.4, professional version of Psim 8.5.4 64 bit trial. POWER SIM This site is dedicated to simulators of electrical or electronic systems. You will find here the latest power simulator or simulators in general. The . 5 Nov 2019 The software consists of mainly three parts. The first one is for creating a product, the second for analyzing the product and the third is for adding extra information to the . The present invention relates to a connector assembly, and more particularly to a connector assembly which comprises a plug connector, and a receptacle connector mounted in a mounting hole formed in a plate member. A conventional connector assembly generally comprises a connector module and a connector module fixing member. The connector module has a plug connector having a plurality of terminals, and an insulating housing with a plurality of insertion holes. The connector module fixing member has a frame with a plurality of attachment holes formed therein and a plurality of elastic hooks. When the plug connector is assembled in the connector module, the elastic hooks are engaged in the insertion holes of the connector module, respectively. The plug connector has a frame with a plurality of terminal support holes formed therein, a plurality of signal terminals each respectively supported in the terminal support holes, and a plurality of ground terminals disposed at opposite sides of the signal terminals. Each of the ground terminals has a flange extending from a bottom surface thereof and a pair of locking lugs extending upward from opposite end faces of the flange. Each of the elastic hooks has a base portion and a pair of locking arms extending downward from opposite sides of the base portion, respectively. Each of the locking lugs is selectively engaged in one of the terminal support holes of the frame, and the locking arms are engaged in the attachment holes of the frame. It is possible that the connector module fixing member having the elastic hooks is mounted in the plate member. However, when the connector module fixing member is mounted in the plate member, the connector module fixing member can be rotated around the axis of the frame to disengage the elastic hooks from the insertion holes. Accordingly, the signal terminals cannot be stably supported by the elastic hooks. It is possible to insert an elastic screw into the terminal support hole, so that the connector module fixing member is fixed to the plate member, but the elastic screw is liable to separate from the plate member. The plug



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